All 2019, we, at Katende Ssempebwa & Company Advocates celebrate our Golden Jubilee! We thank God for this landmark.

This achievement is revolutionary since we are the First Firm in Uganda to reach this milestone while still a market leader. To date, KATS still has the distinct honour of being the largest Law Firm in Uganda.

We are deeply grateful for this anniversary, ascribable, in no small part, to the vision, singular purpose and unwavering determination of our Founding Partners: John Katende and Edward Fredrick Ssempebwa.

From the outset, KATS’ core values have been to cultivate genuine, long term relationships with each client, tailor solutions to their needs and to meet and exceed their expectations. We have remained true to those basic tenets.

From its inception in 1969, KATS has been responsible for setting the gold standard for law firms in Uganda; it is a Firm of Firsts. It introduced innovations in legal practice that may seem per for the course now, but in the 70s and 80s, were novel concepts and proved to be trend-setting. KATS pioneering presence is felt nationwide to date:

⦿ First Firm to have typed documents, where previously, they were handwritten. The Firm blazed a trail, transitioning from ordinary typewriters to electronic type writers and finally to desktop computers for each lawyer.

⦿ First Firm to use electronic mail (e-mails) for professional work.

⦿ First Firm to have a website; a one stop shop delineating what the Firm is about and the legal services offered. It was uniquely designed and user friendly.

⦿ First Firm to have a fully-functional in-house library (both physical and electronic) with a full time librarian.

⦿ First Firm to have in house legal training and secondment.

⦿ First Firm to invest in large spacious chambers; with a well-stocked library, boardroom, offices for Associates, kitchen, client waiting rooms, IT room, rooftop to mention but a few. Previously chambers were usually limited to 3 rooms; a reception, partners’ offices and a room for clerks.

⦿ First Firm to build a network and alliances with international law firms.


Over the past half century, the name ‘Katende Ssempebwa’ has become synonymous with ‘excellence.’ For 50 years, KATS has endeavored to be forward looking in its approach to serving clients, keeping its core values intact, and continually finding ways to innovate and lead the way. Those commitments will never change.

We share this celebration with our clients, friends, team (legal and support staff); all deeply integral to the Firm’s past achievements and future work.